Step out of the key

▶️ Step out

To step out of the key, you can tap the "Modal Interchange" icon. By doing this, you will directly get a chord suggested. This chord will be a chord from a different mode.

What does "step out of the key" mean?

The circle of fifths only highlights the chords which are in a particular key, but it can also sound very cool to use chords that are not in this specific key.

By tapping this icon (or by shaking your device), you will get a chord suggested from a different mode. For example, if you are writing in "C major", you will get a chord suggested which is in "C minor". Try it. It can lift up your composition!

▶️ Chord statistics

To quickly see which quality the chord has and if the chord is within the current key, the app has an "Out-of-key indicator". You will find the indicator next to the chord:

The inner-circle shows the quality (major, minor etc.) of the chord indicated by the circle's color. Read more about colors.

The outer-circle shows how many tones of this chord are out of the key. For each tone that is not in key, you will see a little dot placed on the outer-circle.

Examples: You can see them also in the app under "General information".

Tap in this icon to reveal even more information about the chord or the chord suggestion.

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